Bible Prophecy Seminars

You are invited to our exciting new seminar series about prophecy in the Bible.  We are holding the Thursday seminars both during the day at 10am-12noon at the YMCA in Swansea and also in the evening at 7-9pm at Olchfa School in Sketty.  Both seminar series have the same content so you can choose which times suit you best.

Click on the link below to see the seminar programme:


Feel free to contact us with any queries or if you require a lift to attend the seminars.


Has Christianity Caused Wars?

Find the answer in this excellent website:

This website also has answers to other good questions such as:                                                  ‘Why does God allow suffering?’                                                                                                        ‘What is the meaning of life?’                                                                                                                ‘Has science disproved the Bible?’

What do you think?  Why not read the Bible and find the answers for yourself which God has written for us.