big things

Let’s talk about the big things. “Aren’t you worried?”, she asked her friend. “Kind of, but not really!” answered Sue. “Why aren’t you worried” she asked. “It’s got me on the edge of my nerves, I don’t know what’s coming next. It’s just one thing after another. The Brexit thing was a shock, there were those earthquakes in Italy, the terror attacks could happen anywhere! There’s always someone suffering. The experts can’t tell us what’s going to happen about the economy, jobs or the future with any certainty, and there’s no knowing what Trump is going to bring on the world now. It makes me worry for my kids, the kind of world that they’re growing up in. Doesn’t it bother you?” “Don’t get me wrong”, Sue replied, “just because I’m not worried doesn’t mean I’m not bothered, seeing so much uncertainty and fear is a horrible thing but I’m not worried because…”. “Sorry, have to catch up with you again” she interjected, “I’ve got to get to the gym!” And she was gone. Sue sighed – she’d had the same conversation a few times. “Too busy with the little things avoiding the big things”, she thought.


Has Christianity Caused Wars?

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What do you think?  Why not read the Bible and find the answers for yourself which God has written for us.