To Believe, of Not to Believe …

To Believe, or Not to Believe ...Is there a God? Consider the evidence. 

Come along to Pennard Community Hall to Stephen Palmer’s free presentation and find out why a medical scientist believes in God. Stephen is Emeritus Professor at Cardiff University.

To enable parents and carers to listen to Stephen, Sarah Joiner will be running crafts for children, ages 4—10, in the small hall. For more information phone Andy & Sarah Joiner on 01792 232001. (All youth workers are DBS checked.)


Has Christianity Caused Wars?

Find the answer in this excellent website:

This website also has answers to other good questions such as:                                                  ‘Why does God allow suffering?’                                                                                                        ‘What is the meaning of life?’                                                                                                                ‘Has science disproved the Bible?’

What do you think?  Why not read the Bible and find the answers for yourself which God has written for us.