Evidence for God


You are warmly invited to two talks coming up in The Rechabite Hall, Gowerton (SA4 3EA):

In the Beginning: Evidence for God

The Bible begins with God’s Creation of the heavens and the Earth.  Science has revealed the complexity of many of the processes essential to life, and allows us to stand in awe at how the vast universe is so perfectly designed for life.  Despite the near impossible odds that life evolved spontaneously, atheists promote the view that all the great intricate detail of life on Earth evolved from a mixture of molecules.  For some, this belief rests on a theory which cannot be proved: that our universe is one of many.  The Bible is clear, God is creator and the author of life.  Come and hear evidence presented for God’s hand in Creation.

3pm, Saturday 7th March, God Willing


Bible Prophecy about Current World Events

The Bible consists of sixty-six books written by many different people, but it claims to have one author.  It claims to be the very words of God.

The Bible begins by answering questions which have challenged men and women for thousands of years, such as where we came from, why are we here, ad why do we die.  Within its covers are God’s plans for the world and its pages contain the promise of life itself.  The Bible is how God has chosen to tell us about Himself and His Son, Jesus Christ.  How can we be sure that the Bible is the Word of God, and relevant for our lives today?  Bible prophecies written thousands of years ago, are still predicting World events today.

3pm, Saturday 28th March, God Willing