The Bible: A Guide to Life!

2015 05 24 Guide to Life imagePlease join us for two short presentations on how the Bible can help us at difficult times in our lives. There will be a buffet lunch afterwards if you want to stay. Activities will be provided for children (up to 10 years old).

When?  12.30pm, Sunday 24th May 2015, God willing

Where?  Gorseinon Christadelphian Hall, 110 Pontardulais Road, Gorseinon, SA4 4FQ


Has Christianity Caused Wars?

Find the answer in this excellent website:

This website also has answers to other good questions such as:                                                  ‘Why does God allow suffering?’                                                                                                        ‘What is the meaning of life?’                                                                                                                ‘Has science disproved the Bible?’

What do you think?  Why not read the Bible and find the answers for yourself which God has written for us.